Local environmental leaders from Talara participate in a knowledge exchange trip

26 February, 2018

In September, the first knowledge exchange trip was carried out with 9 local leaders from our Talara project. The objective of the exchange was to share and enrich the knowledge which the leaders have learnt through their experiences of working to restore the dry forest in Talara. The leaders travelled to La Libertad department, to the dry forest of “El Cañoncillo” which are also affected by the same drivers of deforestation, such as illegal logging and lack of knowledge of techniques and methods for sustainable management of dry forests.

In November, a second knowledge exchange trip was carried out to the ecological reserve of “Chaparri”, which is the first Private Area of Conservation in Peru. “Chaparri” is an incredible example of how local populations can conserve and sustainably manage dry forests, their ecosystems and the endangered flora and fauna dependent on the ecosystem. In “Chaparri”, there are many endemic species such as the spectacled bear (Tremarctos ornatus) and the Andean Condor (Vultur gryphus) living in the forest, thanks to the efforts of the local communities. The 8 local leaders which participated in the trip will be able to implement and incorporate their experiences from the exchange in their own communities’ initiatives to protect the dry forests.

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