Our work

Lines of action

A Rocha Peru’s work is comprised of three components: research, conservation, and environmental education.

These three components collectively emphasise our human responsibility to take care of creation, to conserve and restore what we have been given, and to protect our world for future generations.

We do research in order to know how to conserve

Tending to tree seedlings by Hannah WilkinsonThe ecosystems in Peru are experiencing rapid environmental degradation due to human impact and influence. The need to protect our biodiversity is urgent. In order to intervene appropriately, we need to understand these ecosystems, their resident wildlife populations, and their current state of conservation with interdisciplinary research which includes humans being as part of the solution.


We engage in conservation because it is our responsibility

landing page photoBecause we are convinced that God loves and gives value to all of his creation, we recognise our responsibility to take care of each species and ecosystem that exists on our planet. Through conservation, we can also ensure a better quality of life for the people living in our communities.

With this purpose in mind, A Rocha Peru has built partnerships with local communities and with public and private organisations in order to develop holistic and long-term conservation and restoration projects. Our work is enriched by the participation of people from diverse cultures here in Peru and from around the world.


We share our experiences through education

SharingA Rocha’s educational programmes are essentially experiential and participatory. We find that helping people personally engage in the natural world around them is fundamental to achieving our conservation objectives.

We seek to train the groups involved in our projects so that they will in turn become the real driving force behind their long-term development.

We are also developing environmental programmes in natural areas which teach participants how these ecosystems function and how we can protect them.

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