How the Coronavirus has affected our work in Peru

1 December, 2020

Reforestation during COVID (Image: C.Flores August 2020)

In Peru, the amount of COVID cases are slowly decreasing.  As a result, the government has started to reactive and open the economy.  The State of Emergency is still in effect and certain restrictions have been extended including night-time curfew and a ban on social gatherings.   A Rocha Peru continues to navigate through the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.  The impact of the COVID pandemic and how it has affected our work in northern Peru is explained by Ciro Flores Cabrera, our Programmer Promoter and Project Officer, in this video.  He says that, ‘During lockdown, communities have taken the initiative of carrying out patrols, watering the reforested areas, as well as monitoring them,’ he says. ‘All this is a cause for joy, as it shows us the result of the work A Rocha Peru has done with the local communities.’  We are thankful to the local communities who continue collaborating with us during this difficult and uncertain time.

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