Dry forest project activities restart as quarantine eases

10 August, 2020
Cañoncillo Forest  (Image: P Lopez Vargas, 2020) 

Cañoncillo Forest  (Image: P Lopez Vargas, 2020)

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the dry forest project.  With a country-wide relaxing of quarantine that officially ended on June 30, people are searching their new normal.  Many areas in the country continue to maintain strict measures of quarantine, but other parts of the country have seen a relaxation to the measures that have been instituted in the country.

​Due to the introduction of a state of national emergency issued by the Peruvian government, all project field activities, meetings and workshops in La Libertad were suspended.  However, the quarantine was lifted in La Libertad and A Rocha Peru has restarted field activities and are in the process of conducting a full review of the COVID impact.  We have added clean-up and corrective activities to our project caused by our absence. In addition, we have had to adapt to COVID-19 government regulations and developed protocols for the team to follow to maintain the health and safety of all our staff and the community.   Many costs cannot be avoided as we start to engage with communities again all of whom have been hit hard by the impact of COVID-19.

It is possible that we could still be exposed to further changes in plans and priorities however, we are making every effort to make the necessary modifications in accordance to government regulations and continue to push forward on our goals and commitments. Thank you for your interest and support and we will keep you posted on our progress and any further developments.

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