An update from La Libertad Dry Forest Project

Reforestation with the Municipalidad Provincial de Pacasmayo (Image: C. Flores, November 2020)

A Rocha Peru has completed its third year of La Libertad Dry Forest Project in Pacasmayo. We are delighted that the project has made significant progress in achieving its objective to help communities to restore, conserve, and sustainably manage dry forest landscapes.  From November 2020 to February 2021, the team has formalized new conservation agreements, monitored the production of native saplings in a local nursery, and reforested 1.6 hectares with the help of community members.  The reforestation efforts included the collaboration with the local municipality of Pacasmayo to restore parts of La Yuca dry forest and the Pascamayo Ecological Park.  Also, agroforestry plants were delivered to farmers to restore their degraded land.  The team continued to conduct monitoring visits of the reforested area and, in February the team monitored over 6.48 hectares.

Reforestation campaign in San Martin de Porras (Image: C. Flores, February 2021)

In November, the project installed 30 fuel-efficient cookstoves for family beneficiaries in Santa María and Jatanca, and baseline surveys were conducted. These cookstoves cut fuel consumption in half, reducing the need to cut down trees, and offer better air quality, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.  In February 2021, the ecological cookstoves were monitored and deemed to be in good condition.

In December, some bird species of the Canoncillo forest were identified with the help of biologist Homan Castillo Benitez.  Additionally, the project team started monitoring key flora and fauna species within our intervention zone located in the El Cañoncillo Private Conservation Area and identified key species including sapote (Capparis scabrida), cuncun (Vallesia glabra), and the Pale-legged Hornero (Furnarius leucopus).

The Agricultural Cooperative of Tecapa (CAU) and the Muchick Conservation Group received training on several topics such as the reactivation of tourism within the Canoncillo forest, the impact that COVID-19 is having on forests, and forest fires.  In addition, conservation groups continued their monthly patrols and surveillance of the dry forests. In February, meetings were held regarding the deforestation of the carob tree forests and members participated and shared ideas about the current state of the forest.  Moreover, members discussed new interventions to help combat illegal logging and deforestation.

Pacasmayo, La Libertad is currently on extreme alert with Peru’s rising wave of COVID-19 infections.  A Rocha Peru continues to work hard on the project, complying with all the necessary COVID-19 protocols and government regulations.

Ecological Monitoring in the Cañoncillo Forest 5 April, 2021
An update from La Libertad Dry Forest Project 5 April, 2021
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