Ramón Casana

Programmes Director

Ramon joined A Rocha Peru in 2006 as our representative for the La Libertad region, in northern Peru. Ramon became Projects Coordinator and then Projects Director, before assuming his current role as Programmes Director in March 2019. He was responsible for coordinating the successful Ica Huarango Project and Talara Dry Forest Project, which concluded in 2013 and 2018 respectively. Ramon currently manages our dry forest restoration project in La Libertad, in northern Peru, which began in 2018. Ramon is a Biologist and has completed a Masters in Environmental Management at the Universidad Nacional de Trujillo. He has also undertaken a one year course specializing in Staff Management at Universidad Nacional de Educación Enrique Valle and Guzmán in Lima.

Ramon has gained significant experience in the delivery of conservation projects, and the development of conservation, environmental education, research and social development activities. Furthermore, Ramon has over 15 years experience managing groups of all ages in Christian leadership, and is a graduate from the Centro de Entrenamiento Bíblico Rhema-Peru and founder of the Mision Gracia Church in Trujillo. For Ramon, A Rocha Peru represents the perfect place for the simultaneous development of his profession and his faith as he uses both passions to serve the Creator and to take care of creation.

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