Talara project team bring 2014 successfully to a close

30 January, 2015

10384108_10205055994500532_6567464179720214641_nThe Talara team brought 2014 to a close with a successful evaluation visit with partners, ContourGlobal (the international energy company financing the project) and local neighbourhood councils, in which the project’s 2014 achievements and 2015 goals were reviewed. 7,790 native seedlings were produced in 2014 (surpassing the goal of 4240), alongside 490 ornamental and fruit varieties. In November, the first part of the irrigation system was installed, enabling 250 Algarrobos and 250 Zapotes to be planted in December on approximately 3 hectares of the windfarm reforestation site. An inventory of flora and avifauna at the reforestation site and control area, and an avifauna monitoring report was also completed.

In the area environmental education, the children´s club, known as ‘Friends of the Plants’, implemented the first stage of its school bio-garden, as well as cleaning and planting campaigns in October and November. Throughout 2014, 39 environmental education and training lectures and workshops were held with club members, and a further 10 with parents and teachers, benefiting 33 children and 71 adults. In addition, children participated in a street parade in Talara’s civic center highlighting the importance of dry forest conservation to the protection of the critically endangered Peruvian Plantcutter bird (Phytotoma Raymondii).

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