Students defending their theses

12 November, 2021
La Libertad Dry Forest Project

Grecia Valdivia Vergaray presenting her thesis (Image: Sept, 2021)

Congratulations to our two intern students, Grecia Valdivia Vergaray and David Sánchez Amaya who have successfully defended their thesis at their respective universities.  A Rocha Peru has a partnership with two national universities, Universidad Científica del Sur (UCSUR) and Universidad Nacional de Trujillo (UNT) enabling university students to conduct invaluable research on the flora, fauna, and ecology of dry forests as part of their theses.

On September 23, Grecia Valdivia Vergaray gave her oral defence for her thesis, “Quantification of Carbon Stored in Aerial Biomass as A Tool for The Conservation of The Dry Forest El Cañoncillo, Pacasmayo, La Libertad“.  Grecia completed her requirements for her Environmental Engineering degree at the Universidad Científica del Sur.  The thesis was funded by the Seed Scholarship Program for professors at the Universidad Científica del Sur.  Grecia was advised by Dr. Maria de los Angeles La Torre Cuadros (Professor, Universidad Científica del Sur and Director of Science, A Rocha Peru).

David Sánchez Amaya also gave an oral defense for his thesis entitled “The effect of the hydroalcoholic extracts of Azadirachta indica “neem”, Eucalyptus globulus “eucalyptus” and Allium sativum “garlic”, on larvae of Enallodiplosis discordis Gagné “carob sausage insect” in the field.” David’s thesis was financed as a part of La Libertad Dry Forest Project with contributions from Interaction Foundation and Watersheds Foundation.   David was advised by Dr Gaspar Epifanio Ayquipa Aycho (Universidad Nacional de Trujillo) and co-advised also by Dr. Maria de los Angeles La Torre Cuadros (A Rocha Peru).

We congratulate both Grecia and David for their achieving these milestones!

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