Reforestation continues in Talara as the second phase of the project begins

12 June, 2015

The Talara Project marked the start of its second year in January, with the successful reforestation of 7 hectares of dry forest within ContourGlobal’s windfarm site. Between February and March, the irrigation system for the remaining 5 hectares due to be reforested was installed. A research paper recording the first ever sighting of the Blue-black Grosbeak in the region, entitled “Primer Registro de Cyanocompsa cyanoides para el bosque seco de Talara, region Piura”, was presented to the Unión de Ornitólogos Del Perú, UNOP, (Ornithologists’ Union of Peru) and will be published upon the completion of its review.

In January, a production crew from La Chicha Films was in Talara filming the project´s second video, “Harvesting Hope: Year One“. A new partnership was formed with Victor Maldonado Vegazo School and as a result, a second environmental club is underway; neighbouring schools have shown interest in following suit. The project team and the Friends of the Plants Environmental Club participated in a school fair called “El día Del Logro” (Achievement Day) as well as an educational fair called “Aprender para Crecer” (Learning for Growth) held at the Talara civic centre. Finally, the team thanks Tania Elizabeth Cruz Arismendiz, a volunteer who is providing support with environmental education activities and work at the university plant nursery.

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