Workshops held in Lima to develop A Rocha Peru’s three-year strategic plan 23 May, 2016
Creative environmental education: theatre and art in Talara 23 May, 2016
The Wonders of Puerto Chicama: clubs come together for community fair 23 May, 2016
A Rocha Peru represented at key international conferences 30 October, 2015
Former A Rocha Peru intern honoured at the White House 30 October, 2015
Annual General Meeting in Lima 30 October, 2015
A Rocha Forum held in Portugal 30 October, 2015
Team welcomes Wheaton College intern 30 October, 2015
Visit from A Rocha International´s Director of Theology 30 October, 2015
La Esperanza Project inaugurates clubhouse and receives growing community support 30 October, 2015