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9 August, 2021
Dry Forest



Patrol at Tronco Prieto Forest, April 2021

2021 is off to a great start. Despite COVID-19, La Libertad Dry Forest Project is making significant strides on our goal to help communities restore, conserve, and sustainably manage dry forest landscapes in Pacasmayo.   In the last 6 months, apart from formalizing new conservation agreements, producing hundreds of seedlings from a local nursery, and reforesting 1.67 hectares with native Algarrobo trees (Prosopis spp.), we continued to conduct monthly monitoring visits.  Our last visit monitored  7.6 hectares of reforested areas and our trees are growing well!

In addition, the project team explored the possibility of rezoning the Algarrobal forest in San Pedro de Lloc.  We performed a community survey, visited the Algarrobal forest, and held a meeting with the San Pedro de Lloc Municipality.  “Buddies” were trained on how to monitor the ecological stoves that were installed, reviewing aspects of durability and safety, etc.  In June, the “buddies” carried out the monitoring of stoves in Jatanca and Santa Maria.

Furthermore, the Muchick Local Conservation Group of Santonte met with local ranchers and herders to discuss how to regularize the use of forest resources in the Tronco Prieto forest.  As a result, an agreement was reached, whereupon a contribution would be given for use of the dry forest areas.     The Agricultural Cooperative of Tecapa installed Post COVID protocol signs to prepare for reactivation of tourism activities in ACP-Cañoncillo.  Hopefully, a small sign of things to come!

Meeting with the Muchick Group and herders

In addition, key flora species were monitored within our intervention zone located in the Cañoncillo Private Conservation Area.   The three top flora species identified included Algarrobo (Prosopis ssp), Cun cun (Vallesia glabra), and Pial (Scutia spicata).

Of equal importance, some training workshops were also held.  The local members were educated on topics such as pest control using plant extracts,  the rights and duties regarding forestry management and Forestry and Wildlife Law, and Medicinal Plants and ancestral knowledge to treat different flu symptoms.

As you can see, it’s been a busy 6 months and we look forward to sharing with your more achievements soon!

La Libertad Dry Forest Project news 9 August, 2021
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