Expanding conservation in the north

9 August, 2021
Dry Forest

The Calipuy National Reserve














A Rocha Peru work has been working in collaboration with conservation practitioners and experts to develop some new conservation programs.  As a part of our Dry Forest Program, dry forest conservation has expanded from their Pacasmayo site to the Calipuy National Reserve, La Libertad.

In May 2021, A Rocha Peru signed a letter of understanding with SERNANP Calipuy National Reserve stating our commitment. We are exploring other conservation areas as well, such as the Salitral Huarmaca Regional Conservation Area, Piura, and the Chaparri Ecological Reserve, Lambayeque.

Native Cotton Project, Santa Teresita Association, Lambayeque (Image: C.Flores)

The Natural and Cultural Heritage Conservation Program is an environmental conservation program whose purpose is to conserve and protect the natural heritage, such as endangered species of native flora and fauna, that are strongly linked to cultural practices of Peruvian communities. This program seeks to implement economic activities that strengthen the sustainable development of local communities.

Two additional conservation projects have also been designed as a part of the Natural and Cultural Heritage Conservation Program and we hope to implement them in the following years.

The first is the Checo Project, aiming to restore the Czech Gourd (Lagenaria Siceraria) species in collaboration with farmers. It will improve irrigation management and pest control while raising awareness among farmers, and even preserving one of the oldest musical instruments of the Afro-Peruvian community.

The second is a native cotton project, conserving a native cotton species (Gossypium barbadense) and recovering ancestral production and spinning techniques to empower local craftswomen.

At the same time, the Creation Care Program in La Libertad is educating churches through seminars and conferences on the importance of God’s creation.  This program will commence in July 2021.

La Libertad Dry Forest Project news 9 August, 2021
Expanding conservation in the north 9 August, 2021
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