Esperanza Peace Centre provides important social development skills to its participants

2 April, 2019

In the second semester of 2018, our Esperanza Peace Centre continued to deliver important social development and environmental education activities to the 19 children and families that benefit from the centre. These included workshops on Christian values, after school support sessions, recreational workshops, environmental education workshops, and pastoral and psychologist-based support. During this period, over 140 workshops were offered across these areas, a wonderful result for the project.


Some highlights from the second semester include:

This project has been temporarily deactivated in 2019 as a result of limited financing, with a view to being reactivated in the near future. A Rocha Peru will maintain the Centre as a space where participants can meet and undertake activities led by La Gracia Church, who are temporarily managing the centre during this period.

To learn more about the Esperanza Peace Centre Project, click here.

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