Educating Schools about the Importance of the Dry Forest

Visit to Cañoncillo Dry Forest with Semillas Teresianas Eco-club (May 2023)

Ciro Flores talking with the students at their visit to the dry forest (May 2023)

This year, La Libertad Dry Forest Project aims to focus its environmental education on the youth of the Pacasmayo community to help generate environmental leaders and empower them to conserve the dry forest. Many activities have kicked off, including talks about the importance of the dry forest at the National University of Trujillo, Guadalupe, the Tecapa Secondary School, and San Demetrio.

The team has created an environmental club called Semillas Teresianas (Teresian Seeds) with the 2nd and 3rd-grade secondary students at the Santa Teresa Inmaculada school in San Pedro de Lloc.   The eco-club members visited the Venturosa dry forest and collected photos and information to help develop the eco-club’s vision.

Moreover, the team conducted talks to raise awareness about the importance of the dry forest at Santa Teresa Inmaculada, where 300 students participated. To contribute to the conservation of the dry forests, the Santa Teresa Inmaculada School will help plant 100 Algarrobo tree seedlings. The ideal area for planting was identified in Cañoncillo with the help of Cooperativa Agraria de Usuarios de Tecapa.

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