A Walk for A Rocha

6 November, 2023
Dry Forest

Way of Peru (Chemin du Pérou), Switzerland: “One of the many ‘winks’ I had during my walk…so I would not get discouraged and remembered why I was doing the walk!”

In a world overflowing with overwhelming news, now and again, a tale of hope, determination, and unity stands out. This is the incredible story of Coline Raillon, a beacon of light in the realm of conservation, who undertook an epic walk spanning three countries to raise awareness of the living crisis.  Part of her mission was to raise funds for the global family of A Rocha since we are celebrating 40 years of A Rocha worldwide.

Cross, anchor and heart key ring, gifted to bring faith, hope, and love along the walk (a symbol of 1 Corinthians 13)

Coline’s walk covered over 1,200 kilometres through three countries, including Germany, Switzerland, and France.  She carried no cash or credit card and was 100% reliant on the ask for hospitality in the form of food and accommodation.  Coline shared A Rocha’s message of caring for creation with the people she met, offering nature walks as an optional contribution.  Along her path, she met with strangers who soon became friends and enlightened many about the domino effect of a single environmental catastrophe.

Coline also aimed to raise money for A Rocha Peru, since Cyclone Yaku wreaked havoc on the northern coast of Peru at the beginning of the year, leaving countless communities bereft of necessities. Among the damages were the improved cookstoves installed in households as a part of La Libertad Dry Forest Project, and have become an essential daily tool for many families and an innovative move towards a sustainable future.

By the time Coline concluded her walk, she had sown seeds of environmental consciousness in countless hearts.   Now, Coline plans to continue her theology studies and travel nomadically through France in a truck.  She will continue to spread awareness of the living crisis by offering coffee and conversation with churches and their communities.  A Rocha Peru wishes Coline all the best on her future endeavours and we thank her for all her efforts and the generosity of supporters, as many families will be able to have their cookstoves restored.  To Coline, we owe a debt of gratitude.

Hosts Ana-Bela & Duke, Lausanne.

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