A Rocha Peru during the COVID-19 pandemic

21 April, 2020
A few words from Ramon Casana, A Rocha Peru Director

As the world is staggering to come to terms with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have definitely not escaped its grip in Peru.  On March 16, the Peruvian government declared a State of Emergency, enforcing a nationwide quarantine and introduced strict measures such as border closures, including the suspension of national and international travel. The Peruvian population has been in strict isolation in their homes and life as we know it has come to a halt.

Due to the State of Emergency, Dry Forest Project field activities, meetings and workshops in La Libertad have been suspended.  However, a small remnant of people continue to work from home, carrying out administrative and operational activities, including fundraising and communications.  Our thoughts and prayers are particularly with those whose loved ones are vulnerable or ill, those who are ill themselves, or who are unable to earn the daily money to feed their families, as well as those working in the hospitals and in the social care field.

Despite the uncertainty, the quarantine in Peru has caused us to take a break from our business as usual, reducing vehicle traffic congestion and environmental pollution.  It has allowed nature to also have a break, at least for a little bit. We are observing noticeable differences to air quality and a renewed presence of wildlife on the Costa Verde, in Lima, where we are observing the presence of more dolphins, pelicans and bird life.  In this way, we are learning something from nature during this difficult time – we have the capacity to make drastic changes very quickly, and working together we can make a difference to play a fundamental role in solving climate change.

These are challenging times for the A Rocha Peru family and when life returns to normal, we will need to continue to meet our financial obligations and work towards our commitment to conserving and protecting the Dry Forests in La Libertad, a goal  that unites us with local communities, who have also been impacted by COVID-19.  Your help is very important for us to be able to continue so, please consider making a donation towards A Rocha Peru at this time.  Thank you for your interest and support and being part of our community, it is highly valued and no more than at this time of real need.

(Photo by V León – On the 9th day of quarantine, in Lima Peru)

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