A new partnership to reduce deforestation of the dry forest

10 August, 2020

A new partnership between Climate Stewards and A Rocha Peru is supporting the construction of 20 improved cookstove as a part of its Improved Cookstove Pilot Project for the communities surrounding the dry forest project area in Pacasmayo comprising the Dry Forests of Cañoncillo, La Yuca, and Tronco Prieto.  The pilot will start from 1st August 2020 and A Rocha Peru will supervise and monitor the project. This is a critical project activity for the dry forest project which helps to preserve the dry forest by reducing deforestation in the harvesting and use of fuel wood for cooking.  The cookstoves also help to improve beneficiary health.

Mery Pinglo and her new kitchen, Tecapa

Meet Mery from Tecapa, who lives near the Cañoncillo forest where she used to collect many large and heavy logs of firewood each day for her daily cooking needs.  The smoke from the fire would stay in the house for all the family to breath.  Through A Rocha’s Dry Forest Project, Mery installed a fuel efficient cookstove in her kitchen which has allowed her to use less fuelwood.  Also, the smoke now exits her home from a chimney so, she no longer breathes in the smoke.  Mery has been able to take care of her health and help conserve the dry forests.


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