Harvesting Hope: Year Two

Since 2014, A Rocha Peru, in partnership with ContourGlobal, has reforested 12 hectares of dry forest and has been promoting social development in Talara, northern Peru. This video shows the story of the project’s second year, told by some of the people that have been involved in it. You will hear from Jessica, President of one of our environmental youth clubs, ‘A Rocha Kids’; from Magda, President of the Mother’s Committee in Luis Negreiros; and from Walter, one of A Rocha Peru’s Field Workers, amongst others. Watch our video to learn more about the impact this project is having on the people and environment of Talara.

Local community members raise awareness of sustainable management of the dry forest 26 February, 2018
The next generation of environmental leaders are being trained in innovation 26 February, 2018
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Local environmental leaders from Talara participate in a knowledge exchange trip 26 February, 2018
The new A Rocha Peru network of students and professionals launches the recycled market 26 February, 2018