Read the Environmental Education Manual “Children to the Rescue of the Dry Forest” (available in Spanish only)

“Children to the Rescue of the Dry Forest”
Designed and implemented by A Rocha Peru and financed by ContourGlobal (May 2017)

Read the summary report of our former intern’s research on the dry forest in San Pedro de Lloc

“Research on the dry forest in San Pedro de Lloc”
Johanna Depenthal
Human Needs and Global Resources Program, Wheaton College, in collaboration with A Rocha Peru (April 2016)

Read about our work teaching children about nature

Up close and personal: teaching children about nature
Angela McKay and Camille Allan
Tearfund, Footsteps 99 – Climate Change (January 2016)

Read about our reforestation work in Peru (only in Portuguese)

Conservation and hope – reforesting dry forests in Peru
Alexander Sifuentes
Ultimato (May/ June 2015)

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News Bulletin – Issue 1, April 2013 (available in Spanish only)
News Bulletin – Issue 2, July 2013
News Bulletin – Issue 3, October 2013
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News Bulletin – Issue 7, January 2015
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News Bulletin – Issue 11, May 2016
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News Bulletin – Issue 13, October 2016
News Bulletin – Issue 14, bringing 2016 to a close
New reforestation technology successfully trialled in La Libertad. 19 May, 2017
Natural regeneration strengthens dry forest conservation efforts in Talara 19 May, 2017
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