Team News

We have been pleased to welcome the following new members of the A Rocha Peru team, whose profiles you can read via the links below:

• Sandra Gastañudi Torres, La Esperanza Project Coordinator ([email protected])
• Jordan De La Cruz Castillo, La Libertad Project Field Officer ([email protected])
• Aracely Gonza Carnero, La Libertad Project Field Officer ([email protected])
• Sofia León Zapatel, Communications and Development Officer, Lima ([email protected])
• Johnny Musayón Quevedo, Administrative Assistant, Lima ([email protected])

We are grateful to count on the support of our intern Tim Bos between March and June. Tim is a Dutch university student undertaking his Bachelors in Forestry and Nature Management and conducting his research thesis on the drivers of dry forest cover change in La Libertad.

We would also like to say a heartfelt thank you to Liliana Berango, who visited the La Libertad and La Esperanza projects in May, for her great work and loving dedication, and for her continued support.

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